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Automobile Accidents – What to Do?

Automobile Accidents – What to Do?

Automobile Accidents – What to Do?

Many times, people involved in car accidents don't even know they have been injured. One reason for this is that your body responds to pain signals and the stress of the accident by producing morphine-like hormones called endorphins. Endorphins (and adrenaline) mask the pain until your body and mind have had time to recover from the stress of the accident.

Whenever You Have Symptoms, See Your Doctor

A lot of personal injury attorneys have stories about clients coming into their offices saying they felt no pain at the scene of their accident, or later the same day. But the following morning they woke up feeling like they had been run over by a truck. These stories are credible -- they're not examples of healthy people looking for a payout via a lawsuit. It can take several hours, several days or even a week for injuries or serious discomfort to register with a car accident victim.

So, the lesson is this: whenever you feel symptoms of injury after a car accident -- pain, numbness, dizziness, not feeling like yourself, whatever it is -- get medical care. Don't assume that your injuries will clear up on their own. Do the safe thing and get checked out.  Here is what to do:

  • Call to our main phone: (212)481-3333 or schedule appointment on our website
  • Let us know you've been to car accident
  • Schedule  appointment

Continue Treatment Until You're Told to Stop

After a car accident, if your doctor diagnoses an injury and begins treatment, continue the course of treatment until your doctor releases you from it.

Here, at 14 Street Medical Arts you will get:

  • Evaluation by Board Certified Pain Management Physicians
  • Imaging and Testing: EEG, EMG, MRI, CT, X-ray
  • Treatment: Physical Therapy
  • Pain Management: Fluoroscopy guided injections and epidurals

There are two main reasons why it is important that you follow through with your treatment. The obvious reason is that your doctor is in the best position to determine how seriously you are injured, and to prescribe the best treatment for you -- to help you recover more quickly, and to make you as comfortable as possible while you are recovering. The second reason: your doctor's records of your visits are the best way to document and verify the nature and extent of your injuries, as well as the course and duration of your treatment. This verification is essential if you later make a car accident injury claim. Medical treatment and medical bills are a large component of damages.

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