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The Early Diagnosis & Intervention of Brain Tumors

The Early Diagnosis & Intervention of Brain Tumors

At Radiology Medical Arts (500 East 14 St. New York, NY 10009) our doctors and medical professionals are using a set of diagnostic techniques to diagnose and treat brain tumors. Some symptoms of a brain tumor may include; weakness on one side of the body, dizziness/vertigo, nausea, reduced sensation of touch, and the inability to speak or mental confusion. Seizures are among the early warning signs/symptoms of a brain tumor.

Our diagnostic techniques include; checking your vision, hearing, balance, coordination, strength and reflexes in addition to advanced imaging technologies such as: Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI & MRE), by providing information on the chemical composition of the brain. We also provide Computerized Tomography Scans (CT-SCAN), to produce a 3 dimensional image to show any abnormality inside the brain.

 If you feel unwell or have any of the following symptoms, Don’t hesitate to stop by our offices or give us a call (212) 481-33333 or book appointment online at and get yourself checked.

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