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Neck Pain Causes and Treatment

Neck Pain Causes and Treatment

Is that screen time causing your neck pain?

Research has shown that individuals spend around four hours daily staring at their smartphones — that’s 1,400 hours every year! And this is besides the use of TV, computer screens, iPads etc.

Every time you look at that last email for today or a new Instagram or Tik-Tok post, your neck is forced into an overstressed forward curve. Our necks are naturally not able to withstand such postures for prolonged periods of time, which then leads to repetitive injury. Eventually, the bones, ligaments and muscle start to degenerate and then become a source of chronic pain and stiffness. To describe this widespread problem, doctors have come up with the term “tech neck.”


How do I know if I have it?

Your symptoms may include any of the following

  • Constant aching discomfort in neck, upper back and/or shoulders
  • Global or occipital Headaches
  • Reduced flexibility or stiffness in the neck, upper back, and/or shoulders
  • Increased pain when looking down to text
  • Tingling pain and numbness in the arms and hands

What Can I do about it? 

Come see our Pain Management doctors!!

Depending on your symptoms, they will utilize a multidisciplinary approach to manage your pain from physician guided physical therapy, massage and relaxation techniques, ergonomic evaluation, integrative medicine and medications to a variety of safe and minimally invasive injections that can provide long lasting relief. 

Book your appointment today.  We accept ALL Medicaid, Medicare and Commercial insurances including Healthfirst, Metroplus, Fidelis, Affinity, Wellcare.







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