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Pulmonary Function Tests

Pulmonary Function Tests

At 14 Street Medical Arts (332 East 14 St. New York, NY 10003) , West 14 Street Medical Arts (110 West 14 st. New York, NY 10011),  Columbus Medical Arts (912 Columbus Ave , New York, NY 10025 ) our doctors and medical professionals are using a set of diagnostic techniques and PFT machine to diagnose and treat patients.

Pulmonary function tests are valuable investigations in the management of patients with suspected or previously diagnosed respiratory disease. They aid diagnosis, help monitor response to treatment and can guide decisions regarding further treatment and intervention. The interpretation of pulmonary functions tests requires knowledge of respiratory physiology. 

Guidelines for performing and interpreting PFTS have been published both by the European Respiratory and American Thoracic Societies . Pulmonary function tests (PFTS) are an important tool in the investigation and monitoring of patients with respiratory pathology. They provide important information relating to the large and small airways, the pulmonary parenchyma and the size and integrity of the pulmonary capillary bed. Although they do not provide a diagnosis per se, different patterns of abnormalities are seen in various respiratory diseases which helps to establish a diagnosis. We describe the indications for performing PFTS, describe abnormal results and correlate these with underlying pathology.


Spirometry is the most frequently used measure of lung function and is a measure of volume against time. It is a simple and quick procedure to perform: patients are asked to take a maximal inspiration and then to forcefully expel air for as long and as quickly as possible

Interfering Factors

The results of the PFTs might not be accurate if there is lack of cooperation or poor understanding of instructions from the patient. Also, if the patient has an acute illness or symptom (for example, altered mental status, nausea, diarrhea, abdominal or chest pain) are likely to have suboptimal results.

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