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Telemedicine Visits Now: (212)481-3333

At 14 Street Medical Arts, the health and safety of all of our patients is our primary focus. We are committed to continuous medical care to our patients during the current COVID-19 pandemic. 

Effective Wednesday March 25, 2020 all doctors at 14 Street Medical Arts are able to provide patients with virtual office visits - telemedicine - over the phone or video, to help our patients with a variety of medical conditions, concerns, questions or prescriptions. 

We also have a limited schedule of in-office visits and various tests if necessary. 

Should you need to schedule a telemedicine visit with one of our doctors, please call to book an appointment at (212) 481-3333.


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Dr. Klaus-Dieter Lessnau, MD
Dr. Klaus-Dieter Lessnau - MD
Pulmonology, Sleep Medicine, Insomnia Testing, Sleep Apnea Testing, Pulmonary Function Testing
Dr. Klaus Lessnau is highly regarded Pulmonology and Sleep Medicine doctor with over 30 years of experience. Dr. Lessnau holds multiple Board Certifications in Pulmonology, Bronchology, Sleep Medicine Disorders, and Critical Care. Dr. Lessnau is a highly respected and established physician who was named Best Doctor by New York Magazine in 2014. He is currently serving as a Director of Critical Care Medicine at Lennox Hill Hospital.
Dr. Ewa Koziorynska, MD
Dr. Ewa Koziorynska - MD
Clinical Neurophysiologist, Neurology, Sleep Medicine, EEG & VEEG, EMG, NCV, NCV tests, Epilepsy Specialist
Dr. Ewa Koziorynska is triple Board Certified doctor in Neurology, Sleep Medicine, as well Epilepsy Specialist who has decades of experience in adult neurology. She is passionate about helping patients with neurologic conditions which include seizures, chronic headaches, sleep disturbances, neck/back pain, and muscle diseases. Some patients require specialized testing, such as EEG, EMG, and NCV tests, which are available on-site at 14 Street Medical Arts.
Dr. Yulia Timashpolsky, MD
Dr. Yulya Timashpolsky - MD
Internal Medicine
Dr. Yulia Timashpolsky is a Board Certified Internal Medical doctor who is now part of the Comprehensive Medical Group of 14 Street Medical Arts. Dr. Timashpolsky works alongside with other Board Certified Physicians who specialize in a range of fields including Cardiology, Neurology, Pain Management, Pulmonology, Sleep Medicine, Gastroenterology and Endocrinology. At 14 Street Medical Arts, all our doctors work together to provide comprehensive medical care for our patients, fulfilling all patient’s needs. Dr. Timashpolsky is a passionate, attentive, and caring medical doctor, who enjoys establishing care with her patients and is currently accepting new patients. Dr. Timashpolsky dedicated to providing optimal medical care to her patients, and she sees patients from 19 years of age onward.