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What is VEEG?

What is VEEG: An Ambulatory EEG (Amb EEG) is a safe, painless test, which will record the electrical activity produced by your brain. An Amb EEG uses a digital recording system to record brain activity for 24-72 hours while you go about your daily routine.

Why we do VEEG: Seizure Disorders and Epilepsy. Abnormal electrical activity in the brain can cause seizures. When a person has repeated seizures, this condition is called epilepsy. Diagnosis and treatment of these disorders often requires EEG / VEEG test and consultation with a neurologist.

EEG vs. VEEG: In order to diagnose patients properly with Seizure Disorder or Epilepsy, doctor would need to conduct EEG test. During this test patient must fall asleep. However, around 30% of patients are never able to do that. Hence, prolonged (24-72 hours) EEG study a.k.a. "ambulatory EEG" or "VEEG" is recommended.

Cynthia Harden
Dr. Cynthia Harden - MD
Clinical Neurophysiologist, Neurology, EMG & Nerve Conduction Studies, EEG & VEEG, Cognitive & Memory Testing, EMG, NCV
Dr. Cynthia Harden holds Board Certifiication in Neurology, Epilepsy and Clinical Neurophysiology. Dr. Harden is highly respected and established member of the international Neurology community. In April 2016, Dr. Harden became a chair of the epilepsy section of the American Academy of Neurology. Prior to joining 14 Street Medical Arts, Dr. Harden was a Director of Epilepsy Services for the Mount Sinai Health System in New York City.
Dr. Shervin Najafi, MD Interventional Pain Management
Dr. Shervin Najafi, MD
Pain Management
Dr. Shervin Najafi is well accomplished and highly educated Interventional  Pain Management and Rehabilitation doctor who is double Board Certified in Pain Medicine, as well as in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Dr Najafi treats patients with chronic back pain, muscle and joint pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, neck and shoulder pain perforing: Ultrasound guided injections; Nerve Blocks; Trigger Point Injections