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Dr. Ewa Koziorynska, MD

Dr. Ewa Koziorynska, MD
Dr. Ewa Koziorynska - MD
Dr. Ewa Koziorynska, MD
Clinical Neurophysiologist, Neurology, Sleep Medicine, EEG & VEEG, EMG, NCV, NCV tests, Epilepsy Specialist

Dr. Ewa Koziorynska is triple Board Certified doctor in Neurology, Sleep Medicine, as well Epilepsy Specialist who has decades of experience in adult neurology. She is passionate about helping patients with neurologic conditions which include seizures, chronic headaches, sleep disturbances, neck/back pain, and muscle diseases. Some patients require specialized testing, such as EEG, EMG, and NCV tests, which are available on-site at 14 Street Medical Arts.

Your upcoming encounter at 14 Street Medical Arts Clinic will consist of two visits, Initial Evaluation (by Neuro Staff Physician) and Neurological Consultation (by Dr. Koziorynska):
- Initial Evaluation is usually done by Dr. Koziorynska’s Staff Physician. During this visit, we will conduct certain routine office procedures and diagnostic tests, such as Blood Work, Vascular, and General Ultrasound Studies, Electromyogram, Nerve Conduction Study, Electroencephalogram, Sleep studies, etc., as needed, to create underlying diagnostics and data for the proper treatment plan. Dr. Koziorynska office capabilities provide patients to do all diagnostics on-site during the first visit, all diagnostic results are normally ready within a week.
-Neurological Consultation is performed by Dr. Koziorynska, where she will evaluate all diagnostics and data, and create your treatment plan. If needed, depending on condition, the Doctor will do “STAT” / “Wet” (immediate) reading. Dr. Koziorynska will use the assets and infrastructure of Maimonides Medical Center.

Dr. Koziorynska's individualized approach considers many factors. Dr. Koziorynska spends time listening to her patients in order to reach a mutually agreeable wellness plan.

Specialties: Clinical Neurophysiologist, Neurology, Sleep Medicine, EEG & VEEG, EMG, NCV, NCV tests, Epilepsy Specialist
Board Certifications:

American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology
Sleep Medicine (Psychiatry and Neurology)
Neurology (Psychiatry and Neurology)
Epilepsy (Psychiatry and Neurology)

Education and Training:

Medical School - Pomorski Uniwersytet Medyczny w Szczecinie
Yale-New Haven Hospital, Fellowship in Clinical Neurophysiology

Language Spoken:English
Gender: Female
NPI Number: 1710997614
Dr. Ewa Koziorynska - MD

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