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Our insomnia testing Doctors

Ewa Koziorynska, MD
Clinical Neurophysiologist, Electrophysiology, Neurology, Sleep Neurology, General Neurology, Insomnia & Sleep Apnea Studies, Sleep Medicine, Insomnia Testing, EEG & VEEG, Cognitive & Memory Testing, EMG, NCV, NCV tests, Epilepsy Specialist

Dr. Ewa Koziorynska is triple Board Certified doctor in Neurology, Sleep Medicine, as well Epilepsy Specialist who has decades...

Klaus-Dieter Lessnau, MD
Insomnia & Sleep Apnea Studies, Pulmonology, Sleep Medicine, Insomnia Testing, Sleep Apnea Testing, Pulmonary Function Testing, Pulmonary Disease

Dr. Klaus Lessnau is highly regarded Pulmonology and Sleep Medicine doctor with over 30 years of experience. Dr. Lessnau holds...